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This page contains some of the letters and feedback we've received about our products. If you would like to share your Arke stair kit installation with us please email some photos and a description of your project to us at webmaster@arkestairs.com.

  • Karina modular staircase

Brian Snider of Deckbuilders in Huntsville, AL sent in a great photo of our Enduro Steel spiral stairs installed on a recent deck installation. He has this to say...

We've installed these stairs on two decks and had great success. This is the photo from the first deck. I'm waiting to get photos of the second one. They can be seen on www.nicedeck.com.

Wow Brian, you do some amazing work. I urge everyone to take a look at their website. Really gorgeous stuff! Glad our product fits in well with your look!

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Posted on 1/31/2008

Karina Modular Staircase Beautifies a West Virginia Cabin

  • Karina modular staircase
  • Karina modular staircase

Mike Weber of Sterling, VA sent us some photos of our Karina Modular Staircase in his cabin...

I just completed the installation of the Karina kit I bought a few months ago at our WV cabin. I am sending you some photos of the finished stairs, please use the photo on your website if you can. It looked great and really made access to our cabin loft a lot safer than the wood ladder we had been using.

Looking good Mike, glad our product worked well for you.

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Posted on 7/07/2007

Phoenix Spiral Stair Kit Featured on the DIY Network's "DIY To The Rescue" Home Improvement Show

  • The Phoenix spiral staircase as seen on DIY To The Rescue
  • The Phoenix spiral staircase as seen on DIY To The Rescue
  • The Phoenix spiral staircase as seen on DIY To The Rescue
  • The Phoenix spiral staircase as seen on DIY To The Rescue

We helped Steve Lawler utilize one of our Phoenix spiral staircase kits in an upcoming episode of "DIY To The Rescue" on the DIY Network. Here's what Steve had to say about our stair kit...

DIY-To the Rescue is all about enabling homeowners to improve their surroundings on their own and Arke Stairways fit into our show perfectly. It's a great way to make a dramatic change in your home, and you can "do it yourself."

Glad to be a part of the show Steve!

Click here to see step by step instructions from this episode of "DIY To The Rescue."
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Posted on 9/25/2006

Karina Modular Staircase Featured on Premier Episode of HGTV's New Series "reZONED"

  • The Karina staircase on the premiere episode of reZONED
Arke Stairs is proud to have our Karina modular stair kit featured on the very first episode of the new renovation show "reZONED" on the HGTV network.
We used the Karina stairs in a renovation and conversion of the St Patrick church built in 1878 in Silver Plume, CO into a mountain residence. - Marilyn & Max, Grand Junction, CO
Looks great Marilyn & Max! We're happy to be a part of it. Best of luck with the show.

Click here for more information on the new show "reZONED."
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Posted on 11/21/2005

Karina Installation Creates Easy Access to an Attic

  • Karina club house
  • Karina club house
  • Karina club house
John used one of our Karina modular stair kits to create better and safer access to an attic in a very tight space:

"As you can see, the space I had to install my new stairs was very small. The dimensions are 4 feet 6 inches by 23 inches. From the floor to the top of the opening is 104 inches. The Karina stairs replaced a set of attic pull down stairs. I had to widen the space by turning the studs sideways so I can put the railing on (not on yet in these photos). It was pretty tight working in the space but, as you can see, everything worked out. My wife is ecstatic because the stairs don't twist and bend when she walks on them like the pull down stairs did." John C.

Thanks for choosing Arke John, let us know if you need any more help.

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Posted on 6/11/2005